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Puppy Headstart
Puppy Headstart Zoom Meeting
A key component of Early Puppy training is EDUCATION about dogs generally and how they learn.  As we learn more about puppies/dogs, the better and more effective our training techniques have become.   Getting your puppy off to a great start is our main concern. We will cover bringing your puppy home, puppy house training,  crate training,  puppy biting, the how to of socializing, management techniques and beginning exercises for very young puppies to teach the concepts of focus(pay attention to you,  play nicely with you, self-control  During the session you can watch videos demonstrating  some of the techniques. This session will include E-mailed handouts and a follow- up session of required.
This is an excellent way to get you started on the right paw no matter how young your puppy.
Starting out right and developing good habits early on is the key to training.
*suitable for puppies under 10 mos.
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