Paus-n-Train AAC Agility Trial

Nov 18 & 19, 2017, Paus-n-Train - Peterborough,On
Indoor Trial

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Packages apply Before Closing ONLY
Packages per owner,
Package of 1-2 runs = $20.00 (17.70 per run + hst)
Package of 3-4 runs = $19.00 (16.80 per run + hst)
Package of 5-8 runs = $18.00 (15.90 per run + hst)
Package of 9 plus runs = $16.00 (14.00 per run + hst)
Entry Fee per Run after closing...$20.00
Juniors Entry per run……… …..…$10.00
FEO per run...$15.00
Fun Run ...$10.00 (when offered)
*Owner as listed on AAC ID card. This allows you to split your runs between any of your dogs for the lower fees

Judge: Pam Ford & Sheilah Johnson

Late Entry Fees apply after the closing date:
March 26, 2017

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Trial Secretary
738 Edgewood Rd. Pickering, On L1V 2Z6

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We ask that everyone help out as trials cannot happen without help from competitors. I will do my best to accomodate your preferences. Many helpers make for quicker days for everyone especially our hard working judges!!!!! A Volunteer Schedule will be emailed just before the Trial.

Thank you, we cannot hold these Trials without all of your help!